How to Choose your Argan Oil Products

Posted on 23 March 2016

How to Choose your Argan Oil Products
Argan oil is proven to have “miraculous” moisturizing and anti-aging properties, and this head-to-toe beauty treatment is suitable for all skin and hair types.

However, despite its popularity, it is still a rare and precious ingredient. Its trees grow only in western Morocco and the process of producing the oil is incredibly labor-intensive, requiring each Argan nut to be cracked by-hand to obtain its kernel and over 100 kg of fruit to produce just one liter of oil.
These days, there are many beauty brands claiming to use Argan oil in their products – but of course, not all of these products are created equal! Here are a few tips on what to look out for in cosmetics that use Argan oil, ensuring that your money is well spent:
  • The ingredients: Check the percentage of Argan oil that is used in the product, as well as if any extra chemicals have been added. 100% pure Argan oil is obviously the most effective; however, there are plenty of beauty products where the oil is merely one ingredient of many, so be cautious about paying too much for these items.

  • The certification: Check if the oil has been awarded any organic certifications – look out for certifications such as ECOCERT or USDA.

  • The bottle: Avoid any products packaged in clear glass or plastic bottles. Argan oil should be kept in a dark bottle to protect all its active properties from direct sunlight. 
  • The texture: Make sure that the Argan oil has not been mixed with other oils – it should not appear diluted. Argan oil is smooth and lightweight; it is a dry oil so when applied on the skin, should absorb quickly and leave no greasy residue.

  • The color and smell: The Argan oil used for cosmetics can be distinguished from the Argan cooking oil by its color and scent. Argan oil for cosmetic use is cold-pressed from un-roasted nuts and has a light yellow color with a slight nutty scent. It should not to be confused with Argan oil for culinary use, which comes from roasted nuts and has a golden brown color and stronger nutty fragrance.

Bahia Pure Argan Oil is 100% Pure and certified Organic. It is cold pressed from un-roasted Argan nuts that are selected with the highest quality standards.

Bahia Pure Argan Oil
So we hope you now know what to look out for the next time you shop for Argan oil!

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